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This is my special cyberspace place to share music, news,  photos, articles, stories, and information about the truly marvelous  - and essential - healing properties of music.

Music is truly the universal language, speaking to all.

When composed and performed with the intent of unconditional love, music has the ability to uplift the spirit, soothe the soul, create positive, spiritual energy, a healing environment - so clearly needed in today’s often stressful “modern” world.

This music is dedicated to outflowing Divine Love, for the healing and uplifting of the listener. 

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  From the Heart of Love

“glorious guitar and heavenly harp” instrumentals:

Rodney Jones, guitar / Sammie Thompson, harp 

Original music of, by, and for Divine Love, for the nurturing and uplifting
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“From the Heart of Love”

Rodney Jones


Sammie Thompson


Rodney Jones

He is among the most recorded guitarists in history, having played on countless recordings for CD, Television, the Broadway Theater and Film. 

Rodney has worked and recorded with artists such as Ray Charles, KD Lang, Brandy, Madonna,  Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Queen Latifah, Quincy Jones, Bill Cosby and The Manhattan Transfer. 

He served as music director for Lena Horne, and was featured on the groundbreaking Rosie O’Donnell TV show for six years. 

A dedicated educator for 30 years, Rodney is currently on the faculty of The Julliard School in New York City, and The  Manhattan School of Music in New York City.

Sammie Thompson

She is a professional pianist, vocalist, composer and private music teacher for over 30 years; the first American act engaged by the Athens Hilton Hotel in Greece; the first entertainer contracted at Grand Canyon’s El Tovar Hotel. 

Sammie performed six years at major resorts in Hawaii, twice toured Europe, Australia and New Zealand. 

A Certified Music Practitioner and harpist known as the Music Lady, Sammie Thompson created the new therapeutic modality Musical Massage.  She continues to research, pioneer and document the results of playing this live music at the bedside of nearly ten thousand patients, presents concerts and workshops on the healing powers of music.

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Mission Statement: 

                Sammie Thompson, Music Lady serves as a vehicle to bring Sound, Light and Unconditional Love     
         into the world  through music, and through words - to touch, nurture and uplift the hearts, minds and spirits 
of all beings seeking a greater connection with their own Source of Love and Divinity

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